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I love my Chicken treats.

Ever since I got my Pups by Cru chicken treats , I have become addicted to them . I love the fresh taste and being the fussy eater that I am won’t have any less . Can I have some fresh salmon treats pleaseeeee😋 Monsieur Olivier

Superb and healthy!

The pup love it, thank you for offering many healthy natural options.

The Mini - 30g

Sweet Potato 1 Pack - 90 grams

Fish 1 Pack - 90 grams
The best treats EVER!!! ♥️

Our munchkins Cuddlez and Naomi absolutely love their treats from Pups by CRU! There’s nothing they love more, specially Lord Cuddlez, who’s a very fussy eater! We love them too as they are fresh and healthy and we know for sure that they are absolutely the best treats ever 🤗♥️

Healthy and delicious snacks!

My dog, Hinata, loves the sweet potato snacks! They certainly smell good.

Biscuit wags his tail for it!

It’s so pure and smells so fresh that even the hoomans would wanna have it as snack! It’s also great for training pups!

Great for training and treats

Mini pieces are great for training when you need to treat generously.
Also a good size pack to bring outdoors.

Colonel's favourite!

Colonel loves these high quality, healthy treats. Super speedy delivery too! Thanks!!

Best Treats

Your treats are healthy fresh and my dogs just love them


I am a very picky eater. I only like to eat the best.

I LOVE PUPs by Cru. I can smell it from a mile away - it is that fragrant. Yes, i can smell it even though the goodies are sealed in a bag. I rummage through my mama's handbag and smack my lips every time i smell Pups by Cru.

I approve.

Finger Lickin Good

The first dog treat that I really really like to eat!

Fresh, tasty and if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for my boy Gandalf (boy does he love it!)

Love how we can snack on the same food whilst we watch Designated Survivor and it’s the thing we both look forward to the most every night

Dog approved!

I was looking for some new treats for my Labrador and came across Pups by CRU! He was so excited when he saw the bag and went looking for more. They are a big hit with my Lab! And knowing that the treats are 100% natural make them a big hit with me too!

My Dog's New Favorite Treats

My dog loves these treats. He gets so excited every time I bring the bag out. I feel good giving the treats to him because I know that Pups by Cru really is 100% devoted to quality ingredients and the well being of my best friend.

My Frenchie Loves These!!!

She can’t enough!

Authentic treats for doggos!

Duxton loves them. It really is 100% chicken! Good customer service and packaging is aesthetic.